L-G - 150g

L-G - 150g

Product code: PA.07.00.0006
Glutamine is the most abundant free-form amino acid found in muscle tissue. Glutamine is used in protein synthesis and in the building of muscle tissue. The mechanism takes place through the increase of cell volume and osmotic pressure by stimulating synthesis. Furthermore, it also acts as a nutrient (energy) for immunological cells. During periods of intense training, stress or illness, glutamine metabolism is increased to strengthen the immune system.
Supplementation with L-G ensures that high glutamine levels are maintained within the cells, since glutamine is able to capture water to the intracellular environment and to stimulate protein synthesis.


L-Glutamine. GLUTEN-FREE.

Nutritional Information

  Quantity per 100g %VD* Quantity per 100ml of the prepared product** %VD*
Calories 400kcal = 1680kJ 20 20Kcal = 84Kj 1
Protein, which are: 100g 140 5,0g 7
    L-Glutamine 100g -- 5,0g --
** Prepared product: 5g de product + 100mL of water, according to the preparation method.

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